Commercial Interior Design Studio

Highmoon Interior delivers inspirational, commercial interiors, tailored to the specific needs of each client. We are capable of designing a variety of interior spaces to complement your theme and brand. With our showroom in Dubai, our interior designers are dedicated to working closely with our clients, taking great care to discover and nurture their aesthetic and functional preferences.

The interior architecture of each project is designed in house by our talented design team, and this is done in close collaboration with the interior design and architectural design for each project in order to achieve a coordinated cohesive aesthetic for every project.

An interior design scheme should incorporate beautifully designed and carefully planned lighting that highlights important architectural features and creates an ambiance to set the scene for the entire design. Our team closely collaborates with the best lighting suppliers in Dubai to provide you with the best and most suitable lighting solution.

Fitted and freestanding joinery that is specially designed for a particular space can be an integral part of a design. We manufacture a wide range of contemporary and modern office furniture in our factories, so we are able to offer you high-quality, low-cost furniture designs by combining unusual materials or textures with practical and clever design solutions.

Using our exclusive suppliers and innovative designs, we create user-friendly, sophisticated Audio Visual and Office Automation systems that seamlessly integrate with our larger designs.

0ur Studio And Showroom

Our Founder and Managing Director, Kalamegam Natarajan, leads our talented creative team from our studio and showroom in Al Quos, Dubai. In addition to exhibiting commercial design and fittings, the showroom also houses a highmooon contemporary furniture collection and regularly hosts design presentations.


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