Lighting Design

An interior design scheme should incorporate beautifully designed and carefully planned lighting that highlights important architectural features and creates an ambiance to set the scene for the entire design. Our team closely collaborates with the best lighting suppliers in Dubai to provide you with the best and most suitable lighting solution.

Lighting plays an integral part in setting the mood and emphasizing important architectural features of a space. Throughout each project, our in-house interior and architectural design teams work with a range of lighting suppliers. Throughout the project development process, we regularly discuss how lighting should be integrated. It could be in the joinery, ceiling coffers, or showcasing a specific piece of artwork or feature.

Our team is well versed in the technical aspects of lighting design, and we go to great lengths to specify luminaires that provide not only a high aesthetic value but also outstanding performance in regards to colour rendering, colour temperature, and dimming.

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Lighting Design

A lighting design demonstration setup is available in our showroom at Al Quoz, Dubai. This enables us to show our clients first-hand what lighting effects and fittings can do. Our team sources the best lighting from exclusive suppliers.


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