Bespoke Joinery & Furniture

Fitted and freestanding joinery that is specially designed for a particular space can be an integral part of a design. We manufacture a wide range of contemporary and modern office furniture in our factories, so we are able to offer you high-quality, low-cost furniture designs by combining unusual materials or textures with practical and clever design solutions.


Highmoon Furniture, a sister company of Highmoon Interior, specializes in creating bespoke pieces that elevate a space through their aesthetic qualities, unusual materials or design solutions.
Providing close attention to detail is crucial, which is why we work closely with clients to meet all their needs, both aesthetic and practical.

We design beautiful and practical free standing furniture and fitted joinery pieces with Kalamendan and his team’s extensive knowledge and trained eye, including bespoke reception areas, bespoke front offices, clever storage solutions, and creating unique furniture pieces.

Interior designers and interior architects collaborate closely with lighting suppliers, coordinating lighting, small power, and joinery. It is our specialty to seamlessly conceal and integrate air conditioning, audiovisual equipment, and other hardware without compromising the aesthetics of the joinery.


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